Hello there! I'm Edward, a native yinzer, born and raised in the south hills of Pittsburgh! After spending my high school and college years in Florida, I returned to Pittsburgh to start my career as a structural engineer, but my camera stayed by my side the whole trip! While I miss capturing the Florida sunsets like this one, you cannot beat the golden triangle!

I started this photography journey with my dad's Minolta X-370 film camera in high school. I learned the ins and outs of a dark room and from that point onward, you could always find me with a camera hanging from the handle bars of my bicycle! In college, I moved into the digital SLR world and sports photography. I've covered college athletics from Florida State soccer and basketball to all things Duquesne and even a little Pitt football here and there. But although I love to shoot hoops (both on the baseline and on the court), I equally enjoy capturing those special moments people experience, whether it be an engagement, a birthday, or the celebration of a newly married couple.​ The one thing I learned since meeting my now-fiancee is that the memories you create today will be the most fun things to look back on in the future. To be able to capture even a sliver of that for someone makes everything I do worth it!

So if you'd like to get in touch to let me know about your event you'd like covered, to schedule a shoot, or just want to say hi, shoot me an email! It's hooked up to my phone so I'll see your message right away!